In Kapatiran Arnis System you will learn the 12 basic strikes, disarms, blocks and counters and various drills for the enhancememt of reflexs and coordination. Multiple strikes, footwork and the use of the live hand. You will also be taught locks, take downs and counters. Also taught are different ranges of combat.


This is where the student trains with 2 sticks doing various drills to train coordination, hand and eye training,  blocking and striking at different ranges, using one stick to defend while counter attacking with other stick.


You will learn angles of attack, empty hand skills against the blade. Drills for coordination and reflex training. 2 man drills to develop reflexs, disarms, locking and take downs. Advance training will be blade against blade training. Blade training will only start after you have finished novice training.


You will learn 1 to 10 strikes ,  how to strike and how to hold the kerambit. How to cut to get maximun effect with this deadly weapon. Kerambit is only taught to advanced students. 


"Espada y daga" This is stick and dagger art which is taught with one stick in one hand and the dagger in the other hand. The techniques for this format require coordination of the body movement and hand movements. One long weapon and one short weapon. Also taught will be blocks, footwork, strikes, locks and take downs. 


Long stick is not taught until you have been training for a while. The instructor will be aware of your progress and will let your know when your are ready for long stick. This is a very fast art and not for the novice stick fighter. You will learn strikes and blocks and disarms.


Empty hands against weapons and empty hands against empty hands. In this format you will be taught Kickboxing-Jeet Kune Do .

Empty hands against weapons is a must because we cannot carry our weapons with us but to go against some one carrying a weapon is an high skill indeed. This we must learn to survive an attack from the kind of guys that carry weapons. Kickboxing  is taught  to show you how to use kicks and punches, knees, elbows and take downs to defend yourself. Also Jeet Kune Do is taught to close the range  to finish off you opponent. All the arts should blend in with your use of weapons.


These are the dirty arts,  eye gouging, head butts,pinching, biting and grappling. This can be done with weapons or without.This is the art of surviving in combat. It does not look good but we want to walk away from conflict you will need this art of fighting. 


Grand Master John Harvey and Grand Master Jude Tucker have been involved with this kind of tournament fighting for many years now. Padded stick is ideal for beginners to start  taking part in tournaments and then move onto full armour. G .M. John Harvey and G M. Jude Tucker  have been coaches for Team G B. and have trained many World, European and British Champions. Both are International Referee's and are now both Tournaments Directors for WORLD SPORT ARNIS-Great Britain. For more details please go to